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Interviews and news for drummers.

Mogwai isn’t the only band from Scotland making waves. Here we chat with one of the busier journeyman drummers out of Glasgow to learn about his oldest/newest project.

From left: Union of Knives’ Pete Kelly, Ant Thomaz, and Chris Gordon

After more than a decade of inactivity, the band Union of Knives, featuring drummer Pete Kelly, multi-instrumentalist Chris Gordon, and singer Ant Thomaz, have released several new singles, all culled from their upcoming album Endless From the Start, which drops in June on Disco Piñata.

Union of Knives initially caught attention when the song “Opposite Direction” from their 2006 debut long-player, Violence and Birdsong, landed on Grey’s Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries

Digging for the rhythmic gold at the core of the Scottish rock institution.

Driving, methodical, precise yet bombastic…these are the qualities we rock drummers strive for when we pick up a pair of sticks. But in reality it’s rare when players fully grasp the depth of such profound attributes, and rarer still when they get to put them to exquisite use in a band that gets more popular with each passing year. …

The drummer for the band that bore his name played at Woodstock and helped put progressive rock on the map.

Beatle fanatics, being Beatle fanatics, may scoff at those unfamiliar with the name Keef Hartley, but you won’t be treated so sternly here. While the drummer who replaced Ringo Starr in his pre-stardom band, Rory and the Hurricanes, is no doubt the subject of hundreds of footnotes in The Library of Beatledom, Hartley and the band he led remain largely unknown today, even among fairly learned rock fans. …

One the the world’s greatest drummers suggests that musical growth cannot be separated from personal growth. The proof, as usual, is in the pudding.

The feats required of jazz drummers are Herculean, testing their physical, intellectual, and emotional strength. There is simply no comparable musical challenge.

Consider: Jazz drummers must master the skill of independence — or “interdependence,” as some put it — among all four limbs. They must play with feel, that elusive quality that inserts humanity into the equation of time + dynamics, eliminating the gap between intellect and heart; while it can be studied, it cannot be…

The drummer, percussionist, and initiator of a thousand artful ideas recalls what went into — and came out of — the rock icon’s 1992 masterwork.

Photo by Michael Kardas

On the occasion of what would have been Lou Reed’s seventy-ninth birthday, we’ve asked Michael Blair to recall the conceptual and instrumental ingredients of the late singer, guitarist, and songwriter’s 1992 studio album Magic and Loss, which the drummer played on and toured behind.

While Reed’s studio output is not short on unique recordings, from the quartet of iconic Velvet Underground releases, to ’70s solo classics Transformer and Street Hassle, to ’80s wonders The Blue…

Pianist, composer, and vocalist Cameron Graves’ new album, Seven (Artistry Music/Mack Avenue Music Group), features drummer MIKE MITCHELL, guitarist Colin Cook, bassist Max Gerl, and on two tracks, saxophonist Kamasi Washington. Graves and Mitchell served together on the road with fusion bass giant Stanley Clarke. “No one has the over-the-top chops that he has,” says the pianist. “No one has the timing and syncopation skills that Mike possesses. He can play hip-hop, jazz…. I’ve seen him play every style of swing like Tony Williams, Jack DeJohnette, and Elvin Jones. …

The drummer, composer, and sound artist’s new album is a world of timbre, tone, and time. But it’s a world within a world, representing only one of her forays into understanding, illuminating, and ultimately healing our endangered planet.

It’s been a tough couple weeks for drummers, with the passing of the iconic jazz and fusion keyboardist Chick Corea on the 9th, and three days later the death of avant-garde rhythmatist and thinker Milford Graves. Corea, a drummer of certain skills himself, had created opportunities for performative profundity by the likes of Lenny White, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Jeff Ballard, Vinnie…

Jenn Wasner of the acclaimed duo Wye Oak (featuring drummer/multi-instrumentalist Andy Stack) will be releasing her second full-length as Flock of Dimes, Head of Roses, on April 2. The album was co-produced by Nick Sanborn and recorded with a small group of collaborators in quarantine at Betty’s in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with input from drummer MATT MCCAUGHAN (Bon Iver, Lambchop, Hiss Golden Messenger), guitarist Meg Duffy (Hand Habits), and saxophonist Adam Schatz (Landlady). Head of Roses follows Wasner’s 2016 debut album, If You See Me, Say Yes. The first single, “Two,” is currently on streaming sites and on Youtube

How an unexpected gift kicked off a lifelong love affair with the Butthole Surfers’ double-drum attack

Once, out of the blue, a friend of mine offered to give me all of his Butthole Surfers albums. It seemed weird at the time. I don’t recall the reason he gave for wanting to get rid of them, but you don’t have to ask me that kind of thing twice.

Around that time, I’d moved in with my girlfriend, who brought some great albums with her to our small but sunny second-floor apartment in Garfield, New Jersey. As we set up our living…

Cult of Luna’s new EP, The Raging River, proves that the strongest metal can sometimes be forged with the least likely tools

For more than twenty years, the Swedish metal band Cult of Luna, featuring drummer Thomas Hedlund, have built a reputation as one of the heaviest acts on either side of the Atlantic, expressly by avoiding metal clichés. The group’s just-out EP, The Raging River — released on their newly created record label, Red Creek, and physically distributed by Metal Blade in North America and Season of Mist in Europe — once again proves the point.

While in its…

On the Drums…

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